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Magnetizing Attractions of a Kerala Honeymoon

A relation that is made in heaven is marriage and then the newlywed couples after their marriage, starts turning the pages of travel magazines or goes through the newspaper to find their choice of honeymoon destination. Well, if your marriage is over and planning for honeymoon then visit to Kerala. This is a wonderful state in the southern most part of the country in India. Kerala is lovingly called the God’s own Country and is also fast emerging honeymoon destination.

Kerala is now remarked as the prime destinations for the newlywed couples who are visiting from the entire world. This state is beautifully dotted with the picturesque attractions and the charming destinations which very easily entice the couples.

Honeymoon celebration is a lifetime occasion which is celebrated with mirth and laughter by the newlywed couples on their Kerala honeymoon. The couples come here in number and celebrate the romantic occasions of honeymoon in Kerala.

This state has wonderful settings which offer romance and feeling of togetherness for the honeymooners on their visit to Kerala. Some of the magnetizing attractions that are mostly visited by the couple on their romantic occasion of honeymoon on their Kerala tour with most of the Kerala honeymoon packages would offer may be as follows.


The dream destination for the couple on their Kerala honeymoon is the beautiful hill town of Munnar. The couples love to catch their hand and walk along the beautiful tea gardens or posses themselves in front of camera to enrich their honeymoon photo album. The newlywed couple love to visit the aromatic coffee plantation, spice plantations and love to see the mist filled valley and the sky hanging clouds that leaves the honeymooner spell bound. The enrolling green mountains, the green lush tea gardens, beautiful landscapes and varieties of gleaming flora are to be gazed with your beloved in arm.

Kovalam Beach

Apart from Munnar now you can take your beloved to the serene and tranquil beach of Kovalam one of the finest beach destinations in the world. Here the couples can enjoy their intimate time with their beloved by having a beach walk on the sun kissed sand, lying under the palm fringed tree with your head on your beloved lap and sharing some lights moments are mostly loved by the couple here. Other than these there are many activities like swimming, boating, fishing sunbath and many water sports that couples can go for and enjoy a cherish moment on the beach that would always linger at your heart for always.

Well, there are many more attractions and destinations that can be mood making and be more romantic on your visit to kerala honeymoon. The backwaters of Alleppey, the sparkling city of Trivandrum, the harbor city of Cochin, Vembanad Lake, Muttapettey Lake, Valara waterfall and many alike will give you amazement and make your honeymoon the most remarkable and an enjoyable vacation in your lifetime span.

So, what are you waiting for, come to Kerala and enjoy your honeymoon in the blissful ambiance and heavenly nature beauty which both of you will love to relish forever.

Source by Birendra Kumar Mahto

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